More important than the photograph: the well-being of the subject.

These past few weeks have been a great experience for me in every way. I’m currently studying my MSC in Biological Photography and imaging in Nottingham, so if you want to keep up with my pictures this is the best way to do so.

For my first post I will like to share something that caught my attention and that I actually have never thought of, the use of flash in wildlife photography. Not because of the flash but because I never actually thought that this could affect the animal in any way, as a matter of fact it never crossed my mind until I read an article by Tom Mason and the use of flash for wildlife photography.

Basically the article talks about how to use the flash without harming the animal or its environment. Anyhow the lecture got me thinking that back where I come from no one ever evaluates the use of flash or camera traps when it come to wildlife photography. We do not even have a photographer’s code of practice.

As for me I don’t really use the flash since I don’t enjoy using it, so even thou they are teaching me how to use it here’s one picture I took on my trip to Attenborough. (no flash and no editing).



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