Editing, one of those things that you think might not help you, because why edit a picture, when your pictures are amazing? . Well yes my pictures are good, but doing my MSC has change my mind a little bit about editing.

I always said to myself: why not show the world the real picture instead of a photoshoped picture that is not real, I didn’t have in mind that editing your pictures could actually help you improve your shooting skill in the field. Also I’ve learned that editing can enhance some details that are important for scientist and audiences to look at.

The past few days I’ve been practicing my editing with lightroom a software new to me. I’ve already used photoshop but not for photograph editing just for design, and I have to say that I enjoy using lightroom as well as photoshop, and even though I thought that editing was not necessary the software has been really helpful considering that the alteration you do to the picture in lightroom is lighter than in photoshop.

This is a picture before and after, which is edited in ligthroom, I hope you enjoy =Dscreen-shot-2016-10-24-at-13-00-591


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