Studio Shooting

Photographing animals inside a studio can be very tricky, but not impossible; people just need to create the correct environment for them. So basically this week we tried to recreate their habitats, to make it appear as if they were outside. Once we had everything set up we bring the animal to the new setting and wait for it to adapt. Some of the animals, like the turtle or the millipede move fast, so in order to take a good picture we surrounded the setting with lights and flashes. Even though some of the animals we photographed where domesticated, we still had to take care of them so the flash wouldn’t hurt them.

For me the difficult part of the process was the use of the flash, because I’m still getting use to it. But I’ve learned that it is really useful when photographing night scenarios, especially when you have no tripod. I have to say that I really enjoyed the session with the various animals, and I hope we will do this again but now with dogs =D.

Here are some pictures that I took. I hope you enjoy!



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