We need to change MX first!

For this post I wanted to do an artistic piece that has to do with all that’s been going on in the world lately. I’m here to talk about racism, but not in the USA. Racism in Mexico! As a Mexican I’ve seen a lot of my peers complaining about Americans being racist and it’s true, but what about racism in our own country? Apparently Mexicans have been struggling to include indigenous people, women and homosexuals in their own society.

The piece of art that I created with photographs it’s a call to all Mexicans that want to stop racism; we need to start at home! The photograph shows the gay flag because we have a lot of homophobic problems back home, recently our president tried to pass a same sex marriage law, unfortunately people took the streets to stop this clamming that homosexuals where destroying “natural families”. The next picture shows a pink cross that symbolises all the feminicides in Mexico; the word was created because a lot of women killings have taken place just because they are women!! (Incredible but it’s true) The last picture has an indigenous deity, to state that we need to respect and include our indigenous. A few months ago the Zapatistas decided to make an indigenous women their leader, the reactions to this where horrible. So friends and family if we want to change others we need to start with us! We need to start with Mexico!!!!mexresismo


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