The pros and cons of Algae

I had to do a project for impact on the environment, and I decided to choose the positive and negative impact of algae.

Algae has a lot of positives things for human and animal activity. It grows really quickly, it can substitute food and dairy products, it cleans wastewater, it replaces biomass and fuel, and lastly it replaces plastic products. But even though algae is good it also has a negative impact on humans and animals. Algae in great amounts is really harmful for fish, due to intoxication sea animals will die; including corals. Humans are also in danger because if the fish is contaminated it will give health issues to consumers. House pets are not excluded from the danger algae causes, since algae grows in the water some pets will tend to swim or drink the water and it may also cause them health problems.

At the end of doing my algae research and looking at the positive and negative effects on the environment I think we can find a balance between the good and bad effects and try to make algae a more effective tool for humans, since it has more positive than negative effects. IMG_2893.jpg


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