Today we have digital cameras and millennials were born with them, and it’s really easy when you can see what you are photographing and when you have a 90gb SD card. You definitely do not have to worry about how many pictures you need to take, you can take hundreds with a digital camera.

I already knew how an analogue camera worked but not a professional one. It was really interesting taking the picture and looking for the screen to see how it looked and realizing you can’t do that.. So you need to play with the aperture write it down somewhere and then you can see what you need to do next time.

What I like about analogue photography is that you use your imagination when taking the pictures since you really don’t know how they are going to come out you need to imagine what aperture and calculate when there is less sun, when there is no sun and that makes analogue photography exciting and fun.  Here are some pics with analogue camera!



2 thoughts on “Analogue

  1. I remember the analogue camera 😁 Buying film for the camera everytime, being careful not to expose it to the light, and eagerly waiting for the photos to be developed so that you would see if you have taken good shots… I can’t say I miss it 😂 , it’s cheaper with the digital camera – you pay good money for it once and than develop photos if you want to or not. Great post! Cheers!


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