Fire ant

Fire ants can be found in latin american countries, and they tend to be very aggressive when you try to play with them…. yes when I was little we had tons of fire ants in my garden so I use to play with them of course they bite and sometimes they climb all over your body, but apart from that they are very special to me as they remind me of my childhood.

They eat insects, fruit and leaves and they are very protective of their nests, so it is better if you do not play with them as I did. I use to help them carry their food and I remember putting obstacles for them on their way to their nest hehehe I use to play with them all day and when they bite is not that bad you just feel a pinch and that is it. Any how I saw them at the sea life centre in Hunstanton and  there was a sign there saying pleas do not touch we bite and it made me laugh because I was always touching them in my garden. Apparently here in the Uk they are an exotic ant so I decided to take some pictures of this ants to remind me of home.



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